Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell tonneau covers?

Yes, we sell many varieties of Tonneau Covers. Take a look at the following categories.

Do you have a tonneau cover that would fit my truck?

Yes. We are nearly 100% certain we do. We have several styles and choices to choose from depending on the make, model and box size. Check the "Tonneau Cover Application Guides" available in the product description of each Tonneau Cover to be sure.

Please call us at (855) 253-4330 to confirm if you are unsure.

How do I measure my truck bed for a Tonneau Cover?

In order to purchase a tonneau cover, you must have an accurate measurement of your truck bed size. Check out this useful guide, "Measuring Your Truck Bed For a Tonneau Cover".

What kind of cab does my truck have?

There are various types of cab styles specific to each model. If you are unsure, take a look at this useful guide: "Pickup Truck Cab Styles".

What are the differences between an Access TonnoSport tonneau cover and an Access Original tonneau cover?

Access TonnoSport Access Original
1x storage strap 2x storage straps
Trigger latch Auto latch
Chrome rails Black rails
Low profile, 1/2" Higher profile 1.5"
3-year warranty Lifetime warranty
Reinforced polyester mesh Reinforced polyester mesh
UV protected vinyl UV protected vinyl

Check out this article from Access Cover specialist, Logan Adams for more information: "How are the Access Original® and TonnoSport® Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Different?"

What are the differences between the BAKFlip G2, UnderCover Flex, and Extang Solid Fold hard tri-fold tonneau covers?

BAKFlip G2 UnderCover Flex Extang Solid Fold
Low profile (with rails and drain hoses) Low profile (with rails and drain hoses) Sits on top of box rails
Clamp on install Clamp on install No assembly, easy install
Aluminum panels Fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP) panels Polypropylene core with aluminum panels
Removable Removable Simplest trifold tonneau cover
Slam latch system Third panel sits on the box Highest rate load factor

Do tonneau covers lock?

With most tonneau covers you would secure your cargo by locking your tailgate.

Are tonneau covers hard to install?

Not at all! Most tonneau cover brands use clamps to attach the tonneau cover to the underside of the bedcap with no drilling required making installation simple.

What is the warranty on tonneau covers?

Warranties vary by brand from 3 years to lifetime depending on the type of cover purchased.

Are hard covers better than soft covers?

Today, all manufacturers make good products. The purchase of a tonneau cover is generally based on personal preference. How does the cover look? How does it operate? Is it easy to use?

Are tonneau covers waterproof?

All tonneau covers are water resistant and come with a variety of different types of seals to seal the tonneau cover to the box of the truck.

Can you remove a tonneau cover?

Most covers are removable or roll up to the front of the box, enabling you to carry large loads using your full truck bed.

Is one tonneau cover better than the rest?

Most people find one of the varieties of tonneau covers to be more beneficial to their needs. It all depends on the usage, or how you want the cover to look, feel, and operate.

How does a tonneau cover seal?

All tonneau covers come with a seal that will keep each cover sealed to the bed of the truck, and make it water resistant.

Is one tonneau cover more secure than others?

Most tonneau covers lock to the box rails and secure your cargo by locking the tailgate lock.

Can I have my tonneau installed on the spot?

Yes! Please call us for an appointment at (855) 253-4330 and we will be happy to install it while you wait. Most toneneau covers can be installed in 45 to 90 minutes.

How do I properly measure my truck bed for a tonneau cover?

Check out our article on Measuring Your Truck Bed for a Tonneau Cover

Are there tonneau covers available for my specific vehicle?

Most likely, yes. If you are uncertain, take a look at out Tonneau Cover Application Guide, Which lists the available makes for different vehicle types.